Wicked Gouda on Wheels

This Wicked Gouda food truck will soon offer unique grilled cheese sandwiches and cupcakes from its traveling kitchen. The owners of Big Boy’s Grilled Subs & Wings and Flour Power will run the truck. From left are Mike Aiello and Lenny Aiello, Big Boy’s owners, and Sara Hannel, Flour Power owner. The truck is expected to begin Washington and Union routes in mid-April.  Missourian Photo.

The owners of Big Boy’s Grilled Subs & Wings and Flour Power have again teamed up to offer food to the community, but this time — they’re hitting the road.

Big Boy’s, which is owned by Lenny and Mike Aiello, opened about one year ago on Jefferson Street in Washington. Flour Power’s Sara Hannel brought her cupcake business to the restaurant in December 2012.

Now, the team has decided to put their business on wheels with “Wicked Gouda,” a food truck that will feature grilled cheese sandwiches and Hannel’s daily cupcake.

“We’ve always wanted to do a food truck,” Mike Aiello said, noting that Sara had the idea.

Despite the limited space to prepare food, the Aiellos will still offer several unique versions of grilled cheese.

For example, the McGruber is Texas toast, cheddar cheese, sundried tomato spread, sliced avocado and bacon. The Rebel Yell is Texas toast filled with macaroni and cheese and barbecue pulled pork. The sweetie cheese offers wheat berry bread, Granny Smith apple slices, cheddar cheese and ham. And of course, those who want a plain Jane grilled cheese will be able to satisfy their cravings.

“They’re all unique,” Lenny Aiello said.

The truck will travel in Washington and Union.

“We’ll try to be in a different spot each day of the week,” Hannel said. The cupcake of the day will be posted on facebook, as it is now. The location of the truck also will be posted on facebook, at Wicked Gouda.

The team plans to have sandwiches available during the day and at night and will be available for private parties, corporate events and will take requests.

The three said they’re excited to offer “down-to-Earth food” to the community.

“It’s like bringing the big city to Washington,” Hannel said. “Food trucks are all over St. Louis.”

The truck is expected to begin doing routes in mid-April.