Crystal Extrusion Systems in Union ushered in 2013 as its 10th anniversary in operation.

The Missouri-based aluminum extrusion and finishing firm will mark the corporate milestone with several customer and employee celebratory events during the year.

Crystal Extrusion Systems provides aluminum extrusions for building products and other industries.

Started in 2003 by its parent company as a means of vertically integrating aluminum extrusion with window manufacturing, Crystal Extrusion Systems has expanded sales over the past several years into other areas.

The company has added over 80 new customers in such diverse areas as lighting, shelving and storage systems, partitions, solar racking systems, railings and fencing, and boat and trailer accessories.

Crystal Extrusion Systems has experienced and overcome its share of challenges since start up. Ten years ago in 2003, the 128,000-square-foot factory building and production equipment, including the extrusion press and wet paint line, were purchased from a recently closed aluminum company.

An accidental fire several months later, which severely damaged the paint line and facility, was a watershed moment.

“Most companies would have considered a lengthy shutdown or abandoning the new venture entirely, but we decided to stay on track with our corporate plan and quickly reinvested,” said Tom Ziegler, vice president of operations.

“We kept operations going with the aid of outside paint finishing companies until new equipment was in place,” he said. “Crystal Extrusions demonstrated its commitment to the region, its employees and customers and we came back stronger than ever.”

With sizable investments over $1.4 million in a state-of-the-art, environmentally sensitive powder coat paint line, new extrusion dies, and thermal-break debridging equipment, Crystal Extrusion Systems was able to double its productivity and its sales to new markets in the past six years.

“Besides new equipment, Crystal Extrusions has invested in its employees,” noted Ziegler. “We retained our most experienced operators, brought in additional expertise and expanded training. We improved process flow and managed quality very tightly, enabling us to serve many more customers with the same resources.”

The future promises to be just as progressive for the company.

“In addition to offering consistently top-quality aluminum extrusions for a wide variety of applications, Crystal Extrusions collaborates with customers on design and fabrication details that yield better products overall,” said Ziegler. “We are earning a reputation for service and reliability and that is the heart of our growth. The past 10 years have been very exciting and the coming years hold even greater promise.”

CES is a wholly owned subsidiary of Crystal Window & Door Systems, one of the top 40 manufacturers of replacement and new construction vinyl and aluminum window and door products in North America. For more information, visit