Marks Anniversary

The Franklin County Animal Medical Center in Washington in September will mark its 10-year anniversary in business. The clinic has three veterinarians. From left they are Hunt Tainter, DVM; Spencer Thompson, DVM; and Zack Dombek, DVM. They are pictured with dog Laney. Missourian Photo.

Franklin County Animal Medical Center in Washington soon will celebrate its 10-year anniversary.

Manager Karri Tainter said, “It’s very exciting” to make it a decade in business. “We just pride ourselves on the care and the relationships that we have with our clients and their pets.”

The veterinary clinic, located at 921 W. 14th St., provides large and small animal care and strives to create a warm and inviting environment, she said.

Employee Liz Douglas said clients get a lot of “one-on-one” consultation with the veterinarians.

“They get to spend a lot of time in the room with the doctor,” Douglas said.

Tainter agreed, saying, “They are pretty good about taking the time and making them (clients) feel like they’re the only one that matters.”

Through the years, the clinic has seen “massive growth,” said Tainter, whose husband, Hunt, is the owner and a veterinarian there.

He grew up in Hermann and practiced veterinary medicine in New York for a 17-doctor operation.

“He got to learn a lot,” Karri said, adding that he also worked as a teacher at the University of Missouri.

But his goal was to come back to this area and start his own practice.

“He just picked Washington because it was a nice, small, family-oriented town” she said.

Hunt found the land and started the construction.

The other two veterinarians are brand new to the clinic. They are Spencer Thompson and Zack Dombek.

They are all graduates of the vet school at the University of Missouri and trained in large and small animal care.

Franklin County Animal Medical Center does a lot of work with reproduction and orthopedics, Karri Tainter said.

The clinic can also help with pet wellness and is a good place to go for your pet’s annual shots, she added.

“We try to pride ourselves on the newest equipment,” she said. “To keep updated they (the veterinarians) go to a lot of meetings to try to keep on top of everything.”

The clinic has technology such as ultrasound machines, lasers, an in-house blood machine and digital X-ray.

“The digital X-ray was one of our new, big things, she said, adding, “It’s a pretty big purchase.”

The clinic also has dog food and supplies for sale and it does animal boarding when owners go on trips or just need “doggie daycare” for the afternoon.

“The whole goal of this place was to make it a fun, inviting, warm place to be whether you’re coming in here for services or you just stop by,” Karri Tainter said.

The clinic is open 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and Saturdays 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.