When proponents of a statewide ballot issue select Washington and The Missourian as a site for the kickoff of their campaign, it is noteworthy. It happened Wednesday when key leaders for Amendment 1 visited The Missourian to kick off their statewide campaign.

The Washington Missourian was one of the early supporters of the proposed amendment on ethics reform. Other newspapers that have endorsed the amendment are the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the Kansas City Star and the Columbia Daily Tribune.

Amendment 1 would bring strong ethics reforms to state government. The proposed ethics reforms are reported in a news story in this issue on the front page and in the Editor’s Notebook column on this page.

The proposal faces tough opposition. Many lawmakers are opposed, as expected. Lobbyists don’t like it. Dark money operatives and donors are opposed. Some candidates don’t like it. Since it has a redistricting provision, some political party leaders object to it.

As the campaign against it unfolds, take note of who opposes it and that will tell voters why they should vote for it.

Even if it passes, proponents expect court challenges.

A voter who keeps up with the activities of state government will recognize the need for ethics reforms.