When Kent Fults purchased the property for his asphalt business, Available Asphalt and Contracting, LLC, he said he didn’t know he needed a conditional use permit.

The lack of a permit was just one problem Fults attempted to rectify at the Dec. 17 meeting of the Franklin County Planning and Zoning Commission.

During a site check, Fults’ business also was flagged for having “junk, debris and rubbish” on the property.

In order to clear things up, Fults was in front of the commission requesting a CUP for his business. He also tried to address the two issues, the trash and lack of permit, at the meeting, but the commission decided to send the request to the review committee.

The reason for the delay came down to the trash. Citing concern about the reports of debris, the commission requested another site check to make sure Fults had cleaned up the property.

Fults told the commission he was unaware he needed the CUP after he purchased the property, located at 133 Green River Trail, about 1,800 feet south of Bend Road, and immediately went to work.

Since the purchase, Fults said he has been working to improve and enhance the property. He said the debris the commission noticed was a result of him trying to clean things up.

“Whenever he came and took the pictures, we were actually in the process of cleaning a bunch of stuff up,” he said. “That’s why it looked the way it looked. We had a lot of stuff out. The site has been cleaned up drastically.”

One of the ways Fults intends to clean up the property is to construct a 30- by-60-foot storage building on the site. Once built, the unit would significantly reduce the number of items being stored outside.

In addition to the storage unit, Fults has plans to build a berm on two of the sides and a fence around the property. The additions would serve a dual purpose to both protect the property from intruders and serve as an obstruction for his neighbors, he explained.

“We want to make it so my neighbors don’t have to look at my stuff when they’re outside,” Fults said.

The property was purchased as an office and storage area for Available Asphalt and Contracting. No asphalt production actually takes place on the relatively isolated location.

Tina Natorp lives more than 1,200 feet away from Available Asphalt and is one of the closest neighbors. Natorp went to the meeting and told the commission she had no problems with the business and was in favor of the permit.

“My direct line of sight is at their property,” she said. “I’m in favor of this CUP. I can honestly say, when it comes to debris, I get up every single morning and I drink my coffee and I don’t see debris. From the moment he’s moved in, which has only been a few months, he’s worked really hard to change and make everything aesthetically pleasing.”

The CUP will be voted on at a later meeting once the review committee issues a recommendation.