Denny Wapelhorst was granted a permit to operate his firearm and auto part coating business out of his garage.

The Franklin County Planning and Zoning Commission unanimously approved Wapelhorst’s request at Tuesday’s meeting. Wapelhorst requested the permit to turn his detached garage into a workshop.

Wapelhorst will be able to apply liquid ceramic and powder coating to firearms and auto parts. All the work will be done in his 20- by 24-foot garage at his home at 315 Walls Ford Road near St. Clair.

There was no discussion about the permit at Tuesday’s meeting.

The CUP is just another step Wapelhorst needs to take before he can operate his business.

Getting approval from the County will now allow Wapelhorst to get certified by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

He told the county in January he was working on getting the required Federal Firearms License, but needed to get a CUP first before the application could be completed.

There were some concerns expressed at the January meeting about the process potentially being toxic or damaging. Wapelhorst assured the commission that wouldn’t be an issue.

“It’s safe stuff,” he said. “It’s non toxic. Any waste you have, you put in the trash and it’s carried off.”

Wapelhorst said there would be no harsh chemicals used and no runoff would occur.

In addition to applying ceramic powder coatings on guns, Wapelhorst said he plans to do some work with auto parts, too.

“Anything (someone is) tired of painting, they have powder-coated,” he said.

Wapelhorst told the commission in January he is working on a contract with a gun manufacturer based out of Pevely and doesn’t plan to do a lot of work with the general public.

He said he only expects a few deliveries a month. If the business got any bigger, he would have to find a bigger space.

“If I get enough work to need employees, I’ll need to move to a bigger building,” he said.

Wapelhorst’s request was sent to the review committee and it received a 3-0 vote to approve. The commission’s approval was also unanimous.