In just two days, Eagle Scout applicant Brandon Queen got approval for his project by the Pacific Park Board and a promise of some paint from the board of aldermen.

Queen, a member of Troop 363, requested approval for his project from the Pacific Board at its June 2 meeting. The Scout plans to paint several murals of fish and waves on a wall at the city pool.

The artwork will be colorful, he said. and feature a variety of different fish. Queen presented hand-drawn designs to the board, but assured members the actual artwork will be better than the designs.

“It’s hard to draw them that small,” he said.

The actual artwork will be designed using AutoCAD, Queen said. The computer-aided designs will allow more detail.

Work will begin sometime soon. Queen said he still needs to secure supplies and workers to help him with the project.

The park board unanimously signed off on the project. Chairman Steve Flannery told Queen to keep in touch and not to be afraid to ask the park board for help.

Flannery suggested to Queen that he attend the Pacific Board of Aldermen meeting the following night to ask for assistance. Flannery said the aldermen have a history of helping out Eagle Scout projects.

During the public comments portion of the June 3 aldermen meeting, Queen asked the board for help.

Mayor Jeff Palmore encouraged Queen to go to the park board or another committee with his request.

“I’m trying to get the board to get away from doing things at board meetings when we don’t have adequate information prior to the meeting,” Palmore said. “Certainly I think this would qualify as an exception to that.”

Alderman Ed Gass made a motion to send someone from the street department to Wolf Hardware to pick up some paint.

Before the motion could be seconded, Alderman Steve Myers sought more information. He asked Queen if he had an estimate on how much the paint was going to cost.

Queen said he did not know how much paint or what different colors he would need.

“We don’t want to turn your request down, but we don’t understand your request,” Palmore said. “We need a little more detail.”

The mayor said if Queen could get an estimate and return to the board, the city would be happy to help out with the project. 

Not wanting to send Queen away empty-handed, Alderman Mike Bates seconded Gass’s motion. The board agreed to contribute no more than $500 for Queen’s project.