Washington City Council members Monday night approved an ordinance amending the city’s smoke-free air act.

The law was approved last January and went into effect April 15, 2013.

It prohibits smoking in restaurants, bars, businesses, workplaces and other public places in Washington.

The latest revised ordinance grants a three-year exemption for a hookah lounge and for hotels and motels to set aside a certain number of rooms for smokers.

Those uses had been exempted in the original ordinance until Jan. 22, 2014.

The exemptions will continue until Jan. 22, 2017, under the ordinance approved Monday.

The owner of a hookah lounge on Second Street and a local motel owner requested the extensions and the council approved them on a voice vote last month.

The ordinance allows motels and hotels to designate not more than 20 percent of rooms as smoking rooms.

In addition to public places, including private clubs, the act also prohibits smoking outdoors near bleachers and grandstands and around playgrounds.

The law does not prohibit smoking outside or in private residences unless they are used as a childcare, adult daycare or health care facility.