There were city street crews working around the clock to make Union streets passable.

Public Works Director Harold Lampkin said there were two snowplow drivers called in at 2 a.m. Sunday to plow a few areas, and then nine more hit the streets later in the morning.

“We concentrated on main thoroughfares until it quit about 4 p.m.,” he said. “We stayed with it until we got those plowed and then started getting to a lot of side streets.”

There were between 10-11 inches of snow that fell in the Union area Sunday. That storm was followed by frigid temperatures with a high Monday near 0 degrees and lows about minus 10 degrees.

“As cold as it was, the snow started packing,” said Lampkin. “We will have to wait until warmer temps and then apply salt and cinder.”

Temperatures are expected to climb Tuesday and continue through the rest of the week. There is snow, or a mix of winter precipitation, predicted Wednesday night, according to the National Weather Service.

“We’re going to stay after it until the roads are clear,” Lampkin said. “As it melts we will continue blading to get it off the streets.”

The city has over 80 miles of streets on which to lay cinders and plow. Crews treat larger streets first and then work their way to smaller streets.

Lampkin said the sun will help melt some snow, but the temperatures will not be high enough Tuesday for salt to have much of an effect.

He added that the snow will melt and then refreeze which will cause problems in some areas,

“People should be careful on the hillsides,” he said. “Once it starts to melt there are going to be icy conditions — be careful on the hills.”