After numerous discussions about new bathrooms at Liberty Fields, the Pacific Park Board finally got a look earlier this month at potential designs.

Park board member Brett Rossomanno presented several design options to the board at its June 2 meeting.

None of the designs are final — instead they were intended to give the board an idea of the possibilities and spur discussion.

“We all know that this is a long time coming and it should’ve been done when we built it,” Park Board Chairman Steve Flannery said.

Flannery said the plans were drawn up so the board could show the idea to the city to potentially move the project forward.

“We finally got tired of waiting for the city to work with us and plan,” he said. “So we did what the park board has always done. We’re going to have an idea to present to the board of aldermen.”

Rossomanno said he reviewed the design plans for bathrooms at Pacific High School before making coming up with his concepts. He took those plans and compared them to other schools to create three potential layouts.

Each design has multiple sinks and at least three toilets on the women’s side. The men’s side had at least two urinals and two toilets. Each bathroom had one handicap stall.

“What I’ve drawn is nothing set in stone,” Rossomanno said. “It’s all really just to generate ideas and get you guys thinking.”

Tom O’Neill, new park board member, had a question about the number of toilets in each bathroom. He asked why there were more openings in the men’s room than in the women’s.

Rossomanno said part of the reason is just that urinals take up less space. However, he admitted, revised plans should provide equal access.

In designing the bathrooms, Rossomanno said he focused on privacy. He said if the main door was open, he wanted to make sure someone walking by couldn’t see anything.

Additionally, he looked into making the layout as simple as possible for plumbing reasons. In addition to the bathrooms, the building will contain a storage and a concession area.

Flannery said the 900-square foot site allowed in the floodplain will limit some possibilities. While it would be nice to have enough bathrooms to serve a large event, he said it wouldn’t be possible to get the concession area and toilets in the alloted space.

He said the plan, for now, would be to rent portable toilets to provide enough bathrooms for certain events.

The site of the bathrooms is still up in the air. Flannery said he believes the building could be anywhere on site.

The board discussed ways to potentially maximize the space, including building a second level for the concession area and storage.

To accomplish that, the building have to move locations closer to the parking lot and a waiver would be needed because the site is in a floodplain. 

None of Rossomanno’s plans contained a cost estimate.

Flannery said, at this point, worrying about the money will come later.

“We’re playing with Monopoly money right now to build this,” he said. 

Following the park board meeting, Flannery presented the plans to the board of aldermen. He said the park board would continue to work and fine-tune the plans.