State Sen. Brian Nieves, R-Washington

State Sen. Brian Nieves, R-Washington, has prefiled several pieces of legislation aimed at disregarding actions by the federal government and United Nations.

The legislative session started Wednesday in Jefferson City.

Nieves did not return phone calls made to his legislative office or his cellphone Monday. The Missourian left messages at both numbers asking Nieves to provide information on the bills and issues he would be focused on in the session.

Although Nieves did not return phone calls, The Missourian was still able to glean information about his agenda by viewing the bills that he has prefiled, which are available for public view on the Missouri Senate’s website,

Below is a list of the bills that Nieves has prefiled:

Senate Bill 618: Prohibits state and any political subdivision from implementing policy recommendations that infringe on private property rights and are traceable back to Agenda 21 adopted by the United Nations in 1992. Likewise, the bill prohibits the state from doing business with any organization that is accredited by the U.N. to assist in the implementation of Agenda 21.

The Agenda 21 preamble states that humanity is “confronted with a perpetuation of disparities between and within nations, a worsening of poverty, hunger, ill health and illiteracy, and the continuing deterioration of the ecosystems on which we depend for our well-being.

Agenda 21, “addresses the pressing problems of today and also aims at preparing the world for the challenges of the next century,” the preamble adds.

Senate Bill 622: Creates the Missouri Liberty Preservation Act, which would prohibit Missouri from participating in Sections 1021 and 1022 of the National Defense Authorization Act

The bill states that Congress’ adoption of those sections of the National Defense Authorization Act was harmful to Missourians’ liberty and exceeds the limits of the federal government’s power.

Nieves’ bill specifically refers to a section of the act that states the president’s authority to arrest suspected terrorists and determine whether a trial will be held.

Senate Joint Resolution 38: This is an attempt by Nieves to put a constitutional amendment before voters to prohibit the Missouri government from recognizing federal action that exceeds the limits of the U.S. government’s authority.

Moreover, the resolution says Missouri will not recognize federal actions that “restrict the right to bear arms; legalize or fund abortions, or the destruction of any embryo from the zygote stage;

Require the sale or trade of carbon credits or impose a tax on the release of carbon emissions; involve certain health care issues; mandate the recognition of same sex marriage or civil unions; increase the punishment for a crime based on a perpetrator’s thoughts or designate a crime as a hate crime;

Interpret the establishment clause as creating a wall of separation between church and state; or restrict the right of parents or guardians to home school or enroll their children in a private or parochial school or restrict school curriculum.”

It also says Missouri is “required to interpret the U.S. Constitution based on its language and the original intent of its signers. Amendments to the U.S. Constitution shall be interpreted based on their language and the intent of the congressional sponsor and co-sponsors of the amendment.”

Senate Bill 613: This bill seeks to establish the Second Amendment Preservation Act, which would declare federal gun laws that infringe on the right to bear arms as null and void in Missouri. Federal officers who attempted to enforce the laws would be guilty of a misdemeanor, the bill states.