Washington City Council members will discuss the proposed annexation plan at a workshop Monday night.

The workshop is scheduled for 6 p.m. on the top floor of city hall.

Following a public hearing Monday, May 5, the council voted to annex two out of three areas adjacent to the city. The areas approved for placement on the Aug. 5 election ballot are south and east of the current city limits.

A separate area to the west failed to get a majority vote.

Later in that meeting, the council agreed to reconsider the west area and possibly remove one or more of five separate tracts in that area.

Monday’s workshop is being held to discuss those individual tracts which include:

Property owned by Doug Hazel on the south side of Highway 100 at Bluff Road; the Conrad property on the north side of West Fifth Street; Sappington Place and the Jack Brinker farm north of Westlink Industrial Drive; MFA Co-Op parcels at Westlink Drive and Bluff Road and on Highway 100 near Route KK and property

owned by MoDOT at the Route KK, Highway 100 intersection; and Baker Estates subdivision and a small agricultural parcel owned by the Watermann family on the north side of Highway 100.

Combined, the parcels total about 131 acres.

At its next regular meeting May 19, the council is expected to vote separately on the five tracts.

The city plans to place the annexation issues on the Aug. 5 primary election.

Voters in the city and those in each annexation area will vote separately on the annexation measures.

If the individual annexation issues receive a simple majority in both the city and annexation area, the plan will be approved.

However, if the measure is defeated in one or more of the annexation areas, the council may call a second election which would combine voters in the city and outlying areas.

That ballot measure would have to pass by a two-thirds majority for the annexation to be approved.