Mitch Kezar

Marthasville area jewelry designer Anne Jansen, who rose to popularity with her collection of typewriter jewelry, is now the U.S. leader of the shotgun and bullet casing style with her SureShot™ Collection.

The made in the USA line features over 165 jewelry styles for women and men, all with components of bullet and shotgun casings as the focal element.

Jansen will be one of the vendors at the Franklin County Gun Show being held this weekend, Jan. 3-5, at the Washington Elks Hall. Hours are Friday, 2-8 p.m., Saturday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Sunday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Jansen, who designs and creates her styles on her rural property in the Marthasville area, has had her pieces featured in the gifting lounges of major award shows such as the Prime Time Emmys and the CMAs.

Over the summer, Jansen’s company, the Key of A®, was featured in Flea Market Style magazine and her jewelry is endorsed by celebrity chef and author Georgia Pellegrini (“Girl Hunter”), who has worn Jansen’s SureShot™ styles for TV appearances on “The Jimmy Kimmel Show,” “Fox News,” “Inside Edition,” and on an upcoming episode of HBO’s “Real Sports.”

Jansen also is finalizing a partnership with Pellegrini to have an exclusive “Georgia Pellegrini for SureShot” collection of jewelry and accessories sold on her new website, This partnership should be completed after the first of the year 2014.

The new website unveils Jansen’s SureShot™ collection in its entirety and also incorporates an “Outdoor Jewelry” category that features jewelry designed using fishing tackle, deer antlers, waterfowl bands and more.

The entire SureShot collection is fully copyrighted by the U.S. Copyright Office and Jansen holds the only patent on the process used to manufacture shotgun and bullet casings into jewelry applications.

In the coming months, Jansen has plans for expanding SureShot™ into leather goods and other men’s and women’s accessories markets.

Dynamic Growth

Since Jansen began making jewelry in 2008, inspired by her purchase of an old Underwood typewriter from a flea market in Chicago, her company, the Key of A®, has experienced dynamic growth.

The company, which was featured in The Missourian back in April 2012, now employs a graphic designer who lives in Minnesota and a full-time assistant.

“I am currently weighing several options to facilitate the growth, be it to build a separate building to serve as the studio on my current property, move the entire business to another location or state, and/or to secure a historic commercial building to have a large studio space and a retail area to open a shop where I could combine the jewelry business, other quality artisan work, antiques and general upcycled home décor,” Jansen told The Missourian.

All of the publicity and praise Jansen’s jewelry has received over the years makes her proud, she said.

“Success is . . . not about money for me.

“My idea of success as it relates to this collection was to create the best collection on the market, a collection that was artistically designed (not crafty), with wearability in mind, produced using quality Made in the USA components, possessing expert craftsmanship, and with the highest quality of workmanship.”

Watch for More

Key of A continues to prosper as an “upcycled” jewelry and accessory business, introducing many new designs and styles, utilizing many new and otherwise “unlikely” components.

“Earlier this year we began using antique folding rulers, tobacco tags and tiny frozen Charlotte doll parts, among many other small antiquities we come across,” said Jansen. “We’ve put our own spin on the use of buttons in our work and we have increased our skills in riveting and working more with metal.

“We’ve also introduced many new typewriter key designs, but still keep our ‘tried and trues’ available for purchase.”