Authorities seized a number of animals from the home of a Robertsville area woman who fell and was unconscious several days.

Approximately 40 animals, including chickens, rabbits and doves, were found at the home. Some had frozen due to the cold weather, the sheriff’s office reported Monday.

The Missouri Humane Society took custody of the animals that survived, according to the report.

County deputies went to the home of Juanita Eaton, 73, in the 200 block of Pooh Bear Drive, off of Finney Road, Monday and found her laying on the floor.

They responded to a report from friends who were concerned about Eaton because they had attempted to contact her since Jan. 1 but she did not respond, according to the report.

Investigators said they believe the woman had been down for a couple of days but it did not appear she had been on the floor since Jan. 1.

The reason for the fall is not known, the sheriff’s office said.

Eaton was taken to Mercy Hospital Washington for treatment.

An investigator with the sheriff’s office said he was unable to obtain any information about the woman’s current condition.