Jail Cell

A Pacific woman has been charged with two counts of second-degree burglary and two counts of felony stealing.

Rachel A. Armstrong, 36, of the 200 block of E. Franklin Street in Pacific, has been charged in a June 2013 incident. Pacific Police Chief Matt Mansell said Armstrong allegedly stole cash and jewelry from a home while the homeowner was on vacation.

Mansell said the homeowner in the 200 block of E. Walnut Street, went on vacation and had friends check on a dog while she was away. When the homeowner returned, she discovered more than $5,000 worth of jewelry was unaccounted for and $1,500 was also missing from a safe.

Mansell said the homeowner kept the cash in a safe and the friend and Armstrong knew where to find the key.

It was later discovered the housesitter and Armstrong were acquaintances, but Mansell said the house-sitter is not a suspect.

Mansell said charges are pending against an accomplice of Armstrong, an unidentified male.

Mansell said police targeted Armstrong as a suspect after it was discovered she had pawned an item that was missing from the homeowner’s collection.

“What broke the case was the subjects did pawn one of the items,” Mansell said. “We are able to look at a computer and see everything that is pawned on that day. When that item popped up, we checked into it and found it was Miss Armstrong who pawned it and we found that she was acquainted with the house-sitter. That broke the case wide open.”

Mansell said police were able to recover most of the missing jewelry but the cash was long gone.

“It was a pretty detailed hunt to find out exactly who was involved and where everything went, but we recovered 99 percent of everything except for the money,” Mansell said.

Mansell said the jewelry was recovered mostly from pawn shops and cash-for-gold stores.

Armstrong is being held on $25,000 bond.