Save A Lot

Developers of a Save-A-Lot grocery store, 2700 W. Osage, say despite several construction delays, they are still on schedule to open the store in June.

Paul Schnettgoecke, one of the owners, met with Mayor Herb Adams at the building site March 28 to report on construction progress.

“A couple of hard freezes set us back,” he said. “And we had one batch of inferior concrete that had to be removed, but we’re still on our original schedule.”

Schnettgoecke said the planned opening day for the discount store is June 28.

Save-A-Lot is a family business that operates “hard-discount” grocery stores in St. Clair and Cedar Hill. Pacific will be the third store in a triangle of closely located stores that can provide uniform products and customer service, Schnettgoecke said.

The Pacific store will employ 20 to 25 individuals, which includes three Save-A-Lot employees who will transfer from existing stores.

Nicole Doss, who is manager of the Cedar Hill store, will be the Pacific store manager. There will be immediate openings for 17 new hires. The number will grow as the number of shoppers grows.

In late May, the company will advertise the jobs and start accepting applications and completing interviews at the new store site. Hired employees will start work in mid-June in order to complete at least a week of training at the St. Clair or Cedar Hill Save-A-Lot before the Pacific store opens.

Adams said opening a new grocery store in the city reaches into the heart of increased retail activity that he and aldermen have been promoting.

The mayor predicts that the Save-A-Lot store, with its discount policies, will attract new shoppers locally and in the region, which has the potential to help other businesses.

“We already have two grocery stores in Pacific,” Adams said. “We think Pacific is big enough for three stores and we think the competition will attract more out-of-town shoppers, which will give our other merchants a chance to attract those shoppers to their stores.”

Although existing businesses will need to use their own strategies to bring the new shoppers into their stores, once they are in Pacific for groceries the opportunity is there, he said.

“We think this store is going to help everybody,” Adams said.