A proposed seat belt law change, information on the landfill and new equipment for a city well will all be discussed at the next Washington administration/operations committee meeting.

The meeting is set for Monday, June 23, at 7 p.m. at city hall.

At the last meeting of the committee, Washington Police Chief Ken Hahn proposed a new ordinance that would make not wearing a seat belt a primary violation. Washington’s current law classifies a seat belt violation as a secondary infraction.

The proposed change would allow police to pull over drivers solely for not wearing a seat belt. In May, Hahn said it wasn’t about writing more tickets, but about making the roads safer.

Hahn was asked by the council to compile some data about what impact the proposed change would have on drivers. He told the council he would find out how many seat belt tickets have been written recently and present the information at the next administration meeting.


The city council tabled a change order and a final pay request relating to the landfill during Monday’s council meeting. City Administrator Jim Briggs said he wanted to discuss the two items at the administration meeting.

SCS Aquaterra has requested a change order relating to the landfill project. Because of construction delays, the consulting group has had to do additional work and is requesting an additional $65,694.85.

The original contract with SCS Aquaterra was for $77,900. With the change order, the contract jumps to $143,594.85.

The city is working with the contractor, J.H. Berra Construction Company, to offset the additional consultant fees with in-kind work for waste relocation at the landfill.

Well Equipment

Well No. 11 in the city needs repairs.

The city received four bids to replace the pumping equipment on the well.

Flynn Drilling Co., Inc. out of Troy was the low bidder. It bid $5,300.

The other bids were Brotcke Well and Pump, $19,498; Layne Western, $22,228; and Midwest Hydro Drilling, $12,990.