The Pacific Fire Protection District will ask voters to approve Proposition Safety, a $1.5 million bond issue, in the Tuesday, April 8, election.

The district wants to borrow that amount for the purpose of acquiring, constructing and furnishing a training and storage building and acquiring vehicles and firefighting apparatus including, but not limited to, a pumper/tanker, auto rescue equipment, breathing apparatus, cylinder fill system and thermal image cameras, and issue bonds for the payment thereof.

If approved, the bond issue would not involve an increase in the current fire district levy, which is 7 cents per $100 assessed valuation.

Fire Chief Rick Friedmann said the original 1996 bond issue, approved by voters, involved a levy of 19 cents, which has been paid down to the current 7 cents.

The proposed bond issue would extend the previous bond for an additional 15 years.

If voters approve the bond issue, the fire district would use the funds to replace 40 self-contained breathing apparatus and two safe-station containment refill stations at an approximate cost of $410,000.

The district also wants to replace its 1992 pumper-tanker at an approximate cost of $560,000, six thermal-image cameras, update current auto rescue equipment and build a 4,000-square-foot multipurpose facility that would include a two-story training facility.

“We’re asking for a 15-year continuation of the original bond because our financial analyst advised that,” Friedmann said. “But she also suggested that we would pay it off faster.”