Riegel Farms Dairy’s proposal to create a subdivision took a step forward at the Feb. 18 Franklin County Planning and Zoning Commission meeting.

The farm, located on Austin Drive approximately 3,000 feet off St. John’s Road near Washington, requested a conditional use permit to create a 20-lot subdivision and presented a preliminary plat during the meeting.

The commission had no problems with the CUP and it was unanimously approved. The plat, however, was approved with some conditions.

Planning Director Scottie Eagan said the preliminary plat had several issues. First off, she said the plat did not show the required stream buffers needed for approval.

Also missing from the plat were plans to control stormwater. Cameron Lueken, of Wunderlich Surveying and Engineering, said the stormwater will just run off the properties.

“This is a ridge-top development so the water is going to shed down and run off,” Lueken said.

Lueken said the stormwater will go into ditches and streams, but that still needs to be indicated on the plat.

The bigger issue with the plat is where it shows a 20-foot gravel road for Austin Drive and Connor Crest Drive, but a 12-foot gravel road at Connor Lake Drive. If the Connor Lake Drive road is part of the subdivision, the commission said it also should be 20 feet wide.

The plat also didn’t show existing Ameren Missouri overhead lines that extend across portions of proposed lots 14 and 15.

Eagan said Riegel Farms has been notified of the issues, but nothing has been addressed.

“Anything that’s on my staff comments has not been changed,” Eagan said. “The road is still at 12 feet, I don’t have anything showing stormwater, none of that stuff has been met.”

In order to move forward, Eagan said she would like a new preliminary plat.

“We’ll basically need an amended preliminary plat showing these changes before we would let them go on with their final plan,” Eagan said.

The commission had the option of approving the plat with the conditions, or making Riegel Farms bring a brand new plat back again at a regular meeting.

The commission unanimously agreed to recommend approval of the plat with the conditions that all outstanding issues be addressed.

“I think with the CUP, we probably have a pretty good idea what’s going on with this plat,” Commission Chairman Bill Evans said.

The property is approximately 108 acres and will feature 20 different lots. Lueken said the subdivision would have six 3- to 5-acre lots and 14 5-plus-acre lots. The average lot size is 5.15 acres.