Road Work

A major resurfacing project on Fourteenth and Stafford streets could begin later this month if all goes according to plan.

Andrea Lueken, assistant city engineer, said the city is still waiting on a pre-construction conference, but things are moving in the right direction. If all the paperwork is processed in time, Lueken said the project could start by June 30.

“Very soon is the anticipated start date,” Lueken said.

Earlier this month council members approved an ordinance awarding the contract to N.B. West Contracting Company which bid $874,702 to do the project. Lueken said N.B. West is still getting things in order.

“The contractor has to get some insurance and performance bonds,” Lueken said. “As soon as they have those, they’ll provide them to us.”

Once the city has everything from N.B. West, it then has to turn everything over to MoDOT.

“We have a full set of executed documents that we then have to turn around and give MoDOT — the contract, the full set of plans, the memorandum of understanding,” Lueken said.

All of the paper work is required for a project that is federally funded, Lueken said.

N.B. West’s paperwork should be done by as late as Monday, June 23. Once that’s done, MoDOT will need to process the paperwork.

Lueken said that could take several days depending on how much work the MoDOT staff has to approve.

“Usually it can be pretty quick, sometimes within a couple of days,” Lueken said. “If everything goes well, we could start by the 30th, if not sooner.”

The contract calls for the project to be completed by Nov. 1.

It will involve resurfacing approximately two miles of pavement on both streets and related concrete work. Stafford will be resurfaced between 14th and Front streets and 14th will be paved from Stafford to Highway 47.

The project also will include new sidewalks along the north side of 14th Street, from Jefferson Street to Highway 47. Sections of existing sidewalks and curbing on both Stafford and 14th will be repaired.

Lueken said the plan is to start the project on 14th Street so that stretch is completed before the start of school.

The project is being funded with a federal grant through the regional Transportation Improvement Program which will pay 80 percent of the total cost.

The city also received a $44,875 Franklin County grant which will be applied toward the project. The county allocates 5 percent of its transportation sales tax revenue toward grants for cities and special road districts each year.

The original cost estimate on the project was $1.3 million but that was reduced because some sidewalk work was removed due to opposition from some property owners.

Under the current breakdown on construction costs, the federal share is $699,762.24 and the city’s share is $174,940.56, Lueken said in a letter to the council.