The number of feet of city sidewalks is set to increase dramatically before the year is out as a series of public works projects take shape.

Four 2014 summer public works projects are on target, according to Dan Rahn, city engineer.

The work on Thornton Road, East Osage, Highway N and Old Gray Summit Road are all being funded by federal grants and CID taxes.

Bids for the Thornton Road project were opened April 29 and includes the section of North Thornton Road between the fireworks stand and Eagles View Subdivision.

Improvements include widening the road approximately 6 feet, an asphalt overlay, curbs, gutters, sidewalks and street lighting.

“The work is being done in an effort to improve safety and functionality of the roadway,” Rahn said. “The work is scheduled to be completed in 2014 and we hope to have it done this summer.”

The $753,883 project will be funded by an 80 percent federal grant with a 20 percent city of Pacific match. Part of the city’s 20 percent match will be covered by a grant received from the Franklin County Transportation Commission, according to Rahn.

Rahn expects to bring a recommendation to the board of aldermen at the May 6 meeting. If approved, the work will get under way quickly.

Because of the way the road is used, work will have to be done without closing the road entirely, officials say.

East Osage improvements are currently under way with the installation of new sidewalks on the south side of the street between Seventh Street and Clear Creek Road.

The total East Osage improvement project includes curbs, gutters, sidewalks, street trees and other street improvements along a two-mile stretch of roadway.

Estimated cost of the work is $1 million with an additional $446,000 in application, engineering and administration costs.

The city received a $1 million federal grant for the project. The city’s match of the grant will be paid for with revenue generated by the East Osage CID.

Under the terms of the grant, the city also can use its own work force for portions of the match.

The city promised that no businesses will be disrupted for during the installation of the new sidewalks.

On Highway N (Congress Street), phase 3 of the project between Hawthorne Subdivision and South Fourth Street, will get new curbs and gutters, an asphalt overlay of the roadway and new 10-foot-wide sidewalks.

The city is waiting for plan approval from MoDOT to advertise for bids and then the work can be completed this summer. Rahn said the project is on target to be completed this summer.

In preparation for this project, the city is currently installing new 8-inch water lines along Congress Street to replace 4-inch cast iron pipes that were put in approximately 60 years ago. New lines extend from Hawthorne Subdivision to Fourth Street.

Old Gray Summit Road, the second phase of the project from Highway N (Congress Street) to the city limits, will get pavement widening with asphalt resurfacing, sidewalks, paved approaches, storm sewer, retaining wall, curb, striping and Share the Road signs.

The cost of the two projects is estimated at $826,488, which will be paid for with a federal Surface Transportation Projects (STP) grant in an 80-20 match. The city’s match on the two projects is $165,297.

The city is waiting for approval from MoDOT to advertise for bids on the projects. Rahn said that work also will be completed this summer.