A group identified as Food for Thought wants to open a dialogue with members of the public about public education.

Organizers Lloyd Klinedinst, Bobbie Bollman and Susan Cunningham are inviting the public to a town hall meeting to be held at Pacific City Hall Wednesday, Jan. 8, at 7 p.m.

This is the second in a series of topics that the group hopes to bring into public discussion. The first discussion it sponsored was on health care reform. That session was held at city hall Dec. 11.

Food for Thought is a community interest group growing from the Pacific Community Garden Group that has put together a series of town hall meetings for this 2013-14.

The group’s purpose is to present information and encourage discussion about issues of importance for the community.

Carl Peterson, former president of the Ferguson-Florissant School Board, will be the keynote speaker for the public education meeting.

Peterson will offer an overview of public education in a series of questions: What do the state, national and international tests tell us? What are we doing right? What should we change? Is school choice and a voucher system for all children the answer? What is the real role of money in education? What can we do?

Organizers say attendees will leave the discussion with a good understanding of what the facts are regarding our educational system. For information, call 314-609-5571.