The Meramec Valley School District is installing cameras in three buildings to record activities that could be viewed in case of a security breach.

A series of cameras will be placed on the exterior of the buildings and interior hallways at Pacific High School, Riverbend School and the Meramec Valley Middle School.

The school board approved a contract to install cameras at its May 21 meeting. Cost of the work is $126,346.

The cameras are part of an ongoing security program to keep the buildings safe, officials said.

Tim Richardson, school board president, asked administrators to prepare a written policy of how the cameras are to be used before they are installed.

“I’d like to see a policy in place before the cameras are turned on,” said Richardson, adding he wants the use of the cameras to be publicly known.

Superintendent Randy George said what is recorded on the cameras will only be viewed in case of an incident. The cameras are intended for building security only and will not be used to monitor behavior.

If there is a problem, administrators can view the camera after the fact, similar to the way cameras are used in the transportation department, he said.

Chris Delmain, building services director, said installation of cameras in the three buildings is a test. If the program works as it is intended, cameras can be added in other buildings in the district.

“This is just part of our overall safety and security program to make sure everything is safe in our district,” Delmain said.