Annexation, local preference on bidding and the pending airport office renovation project all will be up for discussion at the first Washington Administration/Operations Committee meeting of 2014.

The meeting is set for Monday, Jan. 27, at 7 p.m. in the council chambers. It will be the first time the committee has met since November.

Once again the committee is expected to discuss annexation. At the regular council meeting on Dec. 2, city council members moved forward with annexation plans by approving guidelines for providing city services to areas proposed for annexation in the future.

The standards for street maintenance and improvements, sanitary sewer service, water service and fire protection, and refuse collection were also discussed at the January meeting. Jim Briggs, city administrator said at the meeting the council’s decisions will be used to begin formulating an annexation plan of intent to present to citizens.

There are still some things to iron out with the annexation plan before it can be presented at a public hearing. For example, exact boundaries of areas to be annexed have not been established.

Local Bids

Another topic for discussion will be preference for local companies on bidding. City staff recently contacted neighboring cities regarding local preference on issuing contracts and purchasing of various supplies and material.

During the Dec. 16, regular council meeting, Mark Hidritch, Ward 2 councilman, suggested the city purchase a new truck from a local vendor instead of a Jefferson City vendor even though the local bid was higher. Hidritch said the city had stayed local on a purchase in November and even paid a higher price.

When the council agreed to go higher in November, however, the high local bid was only $500 more. In December the gap was more than 8 percent higher — the state bid checked in at $18,345 while the local bid was $19,941.

Briggs said the council can’t make a habit of randomly selecting local bids. City Attorney Mark Piontek agreed and said most cities he’s familiar with use a percentage system--usually in the 2 to 3 percent range.


Another issue set to be discussed Monday is the potential renovations to Washington Airport office. Back in December, Brian Boehmer, assistant city administrator, was given approval to seek bids for a variety of projects at the airport.

The bids are in and the committee will discuss which one to accept.