A new program was implemented this year that promotes water safety in Missouri that has received positive feedback.

Beginning in July 2017, the Missouri State Highway Patrol Patrol’s Water Patrol Division worked closely with the Johnson Shut-Ins State Park to implement the Life Jacket Loaner Program.

It is a partnership between the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and the patrol, according to Col. Sandra K. Karsten, superintendent of the patrol

Beginning in July 2017, the program promotes water safety by offering the use of a life jacket to those visiting Johnson Shut-Ins State Park. When the swimmers finished using the life jacket, they returned it to a hanging rack for the next visitor. The Life Jacket Loaner Program received positive feedback from visitors and Johnson Shut-Ins State Park employees. It is expected the Life Jacket Loaner Program will operate at Johnson Shut-Ins State Park next year for the entire season.

Watercraft operators must consider the effect their actions have on others, and are asked to share the waterway and use common sense, good judgment, and courtesy to ensure the safety of all. Life jackets save lives.