Hello, my name is Autumn. I am a beautiful, little, 3 1/2-month-old Manx girl. I am a pretty light calico with some black spots strategically placed to enhance my beauty.

The thing is that I am not only full of good looks, I am full of personality. I love to run all over, giving it a little bunny hop to add pizazz. If you are not familiar with the Manx breed, it would do you well to look us up. You won’t want any other breed because we are so special! We are smart, fun, active, very adapting, love people, and I think I should add smart again. I know, you say lots of kittens are like this, however, we stay like that well into a ripe old age!

I will make a great loving and entertaining companion and can’t wait to meet you and come home to begin having a wonderful relationship together.

Purrs and hops,