The city is proposing a 2013 property tax rate of 70.62 cents per each $100 of assessed valuation of property.

That total levy represents a slight increase from last year’s total tax rate of 69.93 cents.

The new rate is expected to be approved by ordinance following a public hearing this coming Monday during the regular city council meeting.

The proposed levy, the maximum allowed by state law, includes a general fund levy of 60.62 cents for the general fund and 10 cents for the Washington library district.

The 2012 breakdown was 60.48 cents for the general fund and 9.45 cents for the library.

The proposed general fund levy is projected to generate $1,909,385 in revenue. The anticipated revenue from the library tax is estimated at $143,281.

The tax rates are based on total anticipated assessed valuation amounts of $143,281 in the library district and an overall city assessed valuation of $314,976.

The assessed valuation totals in 2012 were $154,792,873 in the library district and $336,326,783 overall for the city.

The assessed valuation amounts include real estate and personal property.

Rezoning Hearing

The city council also will hold a public hearing Monday on a request from Jeanne and Robert Hoelscher to rezone property at 1086 and 1090 Bieker Road from R-2, two-family residential, to R-1C, single-family attached residential.

The city’s planning and zoning commission this week recommended approval of the zoning change and a related request to approve preliminary and final plat approval for Shaw Subdivision, Plat 2.

The council meeting begins at 7 p.m.