Hello, my name is Roxie. I am a wonderfully sweet, little, 9-year-old beagle girl. I weigh about 25 pounds, and I am very quiet and calm. I absolutely love being around people, and I love to be petted. If you come up to my cage and bend down, I will look up at you with my big brown sorrowful eyes and lean on the cage for you to pet me.

You may think that you don’t want a 9-year-old dog, but if you think about it, we will all be 9 years old at some time, so why not give a good girl a break and make the rest of my years be full of love.

I promise to be a good girl and give you lots of kisses and love if you just find it in your heart to take me home and hug me and squeeze me and love me.

Love and kisses,