Hello, my name is Logan. I am a very nice 6-year-old fellow. I am black with some nicely placed white highlights. I had a home at one time, but got lost, brought to the shelter and never reunited with my family. I was already neutered and front declawed.

I am a little shy at first, but if you talk to me nicely, I will gladly rub against your leg and begin to tell you my story. It would be wonderful to be in a home. It’s been so long, I hardly remember what it was like — not really, but it has been a long time; I have been here since October!

I am being very patient for the right person to come along. We will immediately know if we are meant for each other because we will feel that spark!

I promise that I will be a good little housecat. I will be great company. I love to snuggle, to talk and to be around people.

Just think how nice it would feel for me to have a person or persons to celebrate Christmas with instead of sitting here in the shelter. Honestly it would be twofold because you in turn will feel awesome for helping out a little creature that depends on the kindness of humans to survive.

Love and meows,