The Four Rivers Genealogical Society, whose headquarters is located inside the Washington Historical Society Museum, will offer a class this spring on beginning genealogy.

In response to many requests, the upcoming class will be held in Washington and will be a morning class. Final details are being worked out for the class to be held in two-hour segments on four Wednesday mornings from Wednesday, March 19, through Wednesday, April 9.

Class-time will be from 9:45 a.m. until noon at the Washington Historical Society Museum at Fourth and Market streets in Washington. Barbara Duemler is coordinating the class.

Topics will be presented by experienced genealogists from the Four Rivers Genealogical Society. Subject matter covered will aid the beginning genealogist in becoming familiar with common charts and how to start collecting information, knowing where to look for more information, ways to organize their information, a better understanding of why to look at the various sources, as well as general familiarity with methods and terminology so that a beginner (or an intermediate) genealogist should not feel intimidated at jumping right in.

The Ralph Gregory Library of genealogy and local history for Franklin County, which is run by the genealogy society, will be closed during the January and February winter break as usual. Known by many as the genealogy library, it reopens March 1.

For more information, people can send an email to