Dianne Overschmidt

Dianne Overschmidt is 68 years young.

And she is proud of it.

Overschmidt, a lifelong Franklin County resident, says she spends more time away from home during the daylight hours than she does inside her home, and that suits her just fine.

“I prefer to be busy. I enjoy being out and about,” she said. “I don’t like to sit still. I love doing things that help people. I love being a part of things that help people.

“My husband says I better slow down, but I have no plans to. I don’t feel like I’m 68 years old, and I don’t think I act like it.”

Overschmidt’s two main outside-of-the-home duties are serving as regent of the St Clare Daughters of Isabella chapter and as a committeewoman for the Central Township Democratic Committee. She also is a Mary Kay consultant, the visitor host for Business Networking International and an avid quilter.

“I love people,” she said. “That pretty much covers everything. Because of that, I’m not home much. I like to serve and I like to be active.

“When you give to others, you get things back in return. I get so much satisfaction from helping others. It gives me such a good feeling. That’s what I’m all about.”

As regent for the St. Clare Daughters of Isabella, Overschmidt said she followed in her mother’s footsteps in getting involved with the Catholic organization.

“My mom was a D of I member,” Overschmidt said. “She was very active in it. It was fun watching her be so involved with it. She would help with bingo and serving food and things like that, so I thought I would join.”

Overschmidt said she has been a member of the St. Clare Daughters of Isabella circle for 27 or 28 years. She is serving in her sixth year as regent, which is like being a club president.

“I enjoy it,” she said. “It takes an entire organization to make a good organization. We want to make it work. We’re always contributing to something.”

Some of the local circle’s main causes are St. Clair High School’s Project Graduation, providing scholarships to St. Clare Catholic and St. Francis Borgia students, assisting the St. Clair Knights of Columbus and donating to the local Catholic food pantry.

“We’re usually giving to the public in some way,” Overschmidt said.

Overschmidt said the local D of I circle doesn’t really “answer” to St. Clare Catholic Church, but members help the parish anyway. She said funds have been provided for new windows and for the organ purchased many years ago.

“We do some big projects,” she said. “We’re a charitable organization.”

There are 87 women in the local circle, Overschmidt said.

The circle also teams with the Knights of Columbus with its spring and fall rummage sales and with Friday fish fries. It also sponsors an annual chocolate and wine tasting event in the fall.

As far as her political involvement, Overschmidt followed her husband, Francis, into politics. She said when he became a Franklin County commissioner and then a state representative in the 1980s, 1990s and the early part of the 21st century, she decided to get involved.

So, she assisted the Democratic Party.

“When my husband got involved (in politics), I decided to get involved,” she said. “I sort of followed him into it.”

She said she became a Center Township committeewoman in the latter years of the previous century and also is involved with the Franklin County Democratic Club.

“We help raise money for our candidates,” she said.


Overschmidt was born Dianne Zumwalt and attended St. Clare Catholic School through eighth grade. She graduated from St. Clair High School in 1965 and worked for Sincox Drug Store on Main Street while attending classes.

Her father managed the Kroger grocery store on Main Street while her mother worked at Lewis Cafe, also on Main Street. That meant the three of them had jobs in close proximity to one another until Overschmidt took a secretarial job at Steelweld Truck Bodies in the late 1960s. She retired from there in 1989.

She then worked at R&R Ace Hardware for about eight years.

Shortly after her high school graduation, she married Francis Overschmidt. The couple had three children — Lisa Anderson, who lives in Chicago; Kim Schroeder, now in Union; and Charlie, also in Union.

Overschmidt said her husband was a farmer with his father and brother on the family’s 50-acre spread near Interstate 44 and Highway 50. Charlie has taken over the farm operation, and he has a son who now also is “pretty involved” with it, Overschmidt said.

Francis and Dianne built a house on the farm property in 1966 and “have lived there ever since.”

Francis and Dianne own acreage elsewhere in the county. They are members of Immaculate Conception Church in Union.

Dianne has been a Mary Kay Cosmetics consultant for 17 years and also volunteers as the visitor host for Union-based Business Networking International.

As far as quilting, she said she does that at least two days a week.

At one time, she also was a girls soccer coach when her daughters were younger and played.

“It’s been a good life,” she said. “I keep busy, but that’s the way I like it.”