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In between dips in the pool, running the bases and hanging out with your friends, pack some pleasure reading into your school break. For starters dive into Newsbee’s “Splendid Summer Reads.” You’re sure to get hooked on the story of a lonely bird, the tale of a friendly lake creature and the…

Make May memorable with Newsbee’s “Way-Great Reads.” Your literary buddy is buzzing about a wordless wonder of a read with art that dazzles, an inspirational true story about a girl with grit and an engaging chapter book about a boy who becomes a neighborhood do-gooder. There’s plenty in sto…

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Spot on reviews – that’s what Newsbee received this month. Thanks to all who offered their take on my book suggestions, and to the teachers, librarians and parents who continue to encourage young people to participate in Book Buzz.

Baby Buzz

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  • Reviewed by Lisa J. Ruth, parent educator, Washington School District
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You can count on cute, little yellow ducklings to steal a toddler’s heart. Add some interactive features and “Five Little Ducks” more than fits the bill as a Baby Buzz Pick.

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  • Reviewed by Christy Schmich, parent educator, Washington School District
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Talk to any pediatrician, librarian or literacy expert, and they’ll stress the importance of reading to little ones, starting at birth. Parent educators with the Washington School District would echo their advice.

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News Quiz has wrapped for the school year. See you this fall!

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