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The Missourian News Quiz kicks off its fifth year this week with the first quiz based on news in the Oct. 13-14 issue. A project of the Missourian In Education program, the weekly News Quiz connects local students with their community while teaching them important reading skills like compreh…

One of the things children’s author/illustrator Loren Long is making sure to pack for his visit to Franklin County later this month is his ukulele. It will be integral to his presentations here promoting his newest title, “There’s a Hole in the Log on the Bottom of the Lake.”

As hard as it may be for today’s young people to comprehend, there was a time not too long ago — less than 50 years — that people actually believed women were not capable of running long distances, that it could harm their ability to bear children, among other things.

Book Buzz News

There’s a snap in the air, in addition to Newsbee’s buzz. Fall brings a plethora of wonderful books, and student reviews that Newsbee is always happy to find in his mailbox at the hive. Fall also ushers in shorter days, making for extra time at night to dig into Book Buzz Picks. Page On, goo…

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Newsbee doesn’t mind it when the bitty bees at the hive ask questions about this and that — how do hummingbirds hum, and what seeds travel the farthest in the wind? They’re just trying to figure things out, and have “Inquisitive Minds,” like the characters in his October Picks, who forge ahe…


This month, Newsbee hurtles round the bases with “Sports Books That Score.” There’s something for every taste in this spectacular trio of stories about athletes on and off the field who participate for the love of the game and the competition, establishing names for themselves, acing serves …

August signals the start of school, ushering in big changes for Buzzers and Buzzettes — and moms and dads too — sending first timers to kindergarten and packing older kids off to middle school. Newsbee knows “Nothing Stays the Same,” a lesson for bees and human bee-ings alike. We might not w…

Baby Buzz

Old ditties, songs and rhymes connect generations and are a treasure trove to share with little ones. A well-known tune gets new life in “There’s a Hole in the Log on the Bottom of the Lake,” by author/illustrator Loren Long. The picture book is the newest Baby Buzz Pick.

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