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Congratulations to Chloe Cronin, a fifth-grade student at New Haven Elementary School, for winning this week’s News Quiz. Chloe was selected in a random drawing from all entries this week – and she had the correct answers! See them below. wins a $15 gift card from one of our Missourian In Ed…

Congratulations to Andrea Foster, an 8th-grade student at Riverbend Middle School, for winning this week’s News Quiz. Andrea was selected in a random drawing from all of this week's entries – and she had the correct answers! See them below. Andrea wins a $15 gift card from one of our Missour…

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Too often our busy schedules prevent us from feeling grateful. Newsbee has this problem — his have-tos take up space in his head, crowding out any square inches left for gratitude. That’s why your bee buddy welcomes books this month that focus on “Thankful For . . . ,” thankful for the bless…

Bee-ware of the scare on Halloween night when Newsbee’s buzz gets some boo. To celebrate a holiday that kids really relish, your bee buddy has selected books featuring “Street Creeps You Might Meet” when you’re out trick-or-treating, none of them sinister or spooky. These festive picks are l…

Pulses will pound with Newsbee’s “Thrilling Stories.” You’ll be thanking your bee buddy for the ride of your life as you “Page On.” Meet a power-hungry llama with an inflated ego and appetite to match, a group of boys lost in a flooded cave, and a couple of kids trying to avoid a raging fire…

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Double knot your tennies, sharpen your pencils, and load up your spanking-new backpacks. As surely as fall nips summer’s heels, the school year rolls around. To get young readers pumped for the three R’s, meeting new friends and sharing summer highlights with them, Newsbee’s got “Ready, Set,…

Baby Buzz

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Certain items carry deep meaning—a lace tablecloth that’s Aunt Betty’s, a teapot from Nana’s china cabinet, or a stamp collection passed down by Uncle Harry. “Around the Table That Grandad Built,” by Melanie Heuiser Hill, focuses on a cherished, handmade piece of furniture.

Birth order can’t be controlled — we’re stuck with it for life. And sometimes middle children can feel lost in the shuffle, as evidenced by the cute cottontail in “Bunny in the Middle,” by Anika A. Denise.

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