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Week #19 we had 65 students from seven area schools enter answers in the News Quiz. We randomly select a winner each week from correct entries. This week's lucky number was 14! Congratulations to Jason Fu, a 6th-grade student at The Fulton School, for winning a $15 gift card to Imo’s Pizza i…

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March into March celebrating your individuality, the ability to “Sing Your Own Song,” like the unique characters in Newsbee’s Picks. Too often we compare ourselves to others and feel less-than. Buck up, Buzzers and Buzzettes—embrace qualities only you possess, combine your gifts with others …

Newsbee counts himself lucky to have a fulfilling goal in life — finding great books to suggest to young readers. When he discovers an awesome read his body glows like a lightning bug’s. Another thing that lights Newsbee up is having reviews sent to the hive mailbox. Enjoy this month’s bount…

There’s nothing like a cold, snowy day to curl up with a good book. Students at area schools did just that, reading Newsbee’s Picks and sending reviews to the hive. Congrats to the following students for their stellar reviews. Until next month Newsbee encourages you to keeping “Paging On.”

They’re our companions, devoted friends who meet us at the door, wagging tails, loyal eyes shining. Big or small, short haired or long, a dog really is man’s best friend. Sadly, some pups end up as strays or in shelters awaiting homes. This month, Newsbee pays homage to the people who help t…

Baby Buzz

In February it’s fitting to suggest a Baby Buzz Pick that focuses on love — “Loving Hands,” by Tony Johnston, fits the bill, with a heartfelt story and luminous illustrations by Amy June Bates.

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