News Quiz #27

Weekend Missourian April 1-2

Congratulations to Elaina Cronin, a 5th-grade student at New Haven Elementary School, for winning this week’s News Quiz. Elaina wins a $10 gift card to Sugarfire Smoke House in Washington, our sponsor for the Week #27 Missourian In Education News Quiz, based on news in the April 1-2 weekend issue of The Missourian.

Here are the answers to this week’s quiz:

The Washington City Council has backed a plan to install a Little Free Food Pantry in the city. What is this and who will it serve?

Little Free Food pantries are similar to Little Free Libraries (Washington has three), but instead of books, these would hold food and some toiletries. The pantries are for everyone who needs help in this way.

Find a news story about an election in your community this week and give details related to the election and how to vote in it.

Answers will vary.

On the editorial page is a feature called “On the Street Opinion” where a reporter asks people in the community a question and shares responses. This week’s question asks if they will be voting in this week’s election. Read the responses and write a headline that summarizes them.

Answers will vary, but here is one:

Majority of readers polled plan to vote in local elections this week