Weekly News Quiz Winner

Congratulations to Emma W., a 7th-grade student at Washington Middle School, for winning this week’s News Quiz. Emma wins a $10 gift card to Sugarfire Smoke House in Washington, our sponsor for this week’s Missourian In Education News Quiz, based on news in the Oct. 7-8 weekend issue of The Missourian.

Here are the answers to the Week #2 Quiz:

List two places you can meet the author of a children's book on John Deere this week in Washington?

Run to Read and Neighborhood Reads Bookstore

Several area sports teams finished their season with wins. Pick one and share their success.

Answers will vary, but Emma wrote:

Mikayla Reed of WHS cross country team won GAC cross country title

How many 4-H clubs are there in Franklin County and what ages can participate?

There are 22 4-H clubs in Franklin County. Membership is open to people ages 5-18.

Thanks for taking our News Quiz this week!