Weekly News Quiz Winner

Congratulations to Joe S., a 12th-grade student Washington High School, for winning the Week 11 News Quiz. We held the quiz over an extra week due to area school closings and had entries from 88 students! Thanks to Sugarfire Smoke House in Washington for sponsoring the quiz -- Joe wins a $15 gift card to Sugarfire!

Here are the answers to this week’s quiz:

How is pickleball different than tennis?

Pickleball is different from tennis because it is played on a smaller court, with a ball more like a whiffle ball and with a racquet shaped like a large ping pong paddle or racquetball paddle.

What do we celebrate on the third Monday and January and why?

On the third Monday in January, we celebrate Martin Luther King’s birthday and his message that all people are precious and that our differences are like a rainbow and make the world a better place.

Apps for mobile phones are being developed for outdoor enthusiasts. Give an example of one app mentioned in the Farm & Outdoors story.

Answers will vary.

Thanks for participating in the News Quiz!