The annual Reading Across Missouri Project of the Missouri Press Foundation will offer a STEM-related topic that local young readers will find especially engaging. The 2019 serial story, “Mr. Eads’ Bridge,” written by Duane Porter, combines STEM and history for an engaging time-travel tale about the building of a bridge.

Readers will find chapters in The Missourian beginning with the Jan. 26-27 issue.

In “Mr. Eads’ Bridge,” an ordinary field trip to the Gateway Arch turns extraordinary when Becky is transported to the 1870s. The creature that sent her into the past wants one thing for her: to learn.

She meets the man behind the Eads’ Bridge, James Eads, and Laura Ascot, an architecture student. Between the two of them Becky learns a great deal about the science, technology, engineering and math of building a bridge across the Mississippi River.

Students will benefit by learning both from the engaging story and the associated teaching guide.

An eight-chapter companion teacher’s guide is available here and includes a special addendum featuring activities related to our local bridge.

The story is sponsored by the Missouri Press Foundation and the National Newspaper Association Foundation in an effort to engage young readers with their community newspapers in 2019.