Weekly News Quiz Winner

Congratulations to Ty Schnelting, a 5th-grade student at South Point Elementary School, for winning last week’s News Quiz. Ty wins a $15 gift card Imo’s Pizza in Washington and Union, our sponsor for this week’s Missourian In Education News Quiz, based on news in the Oct. 14-15 weekend issue of The Missourian.

Here are the answers to this week’s quiz:

Why are there several pictures of organizations working to help victims of domestic violence in this issue of the newspaper?

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

In the Opinion section is an editorial about professional football players kneeling during the National Anthem. This is the section of a newspaper where people, including those who publish the newspaper, give their OPINION on issues. What is your opinion on this issue? Share that in one sentence.

Answers will vary.

The Missourian is considered the legal newspaper for Franklin County. Certain government transactions that require public notice must be published in the newspaper to give the public information. Look through the legal notices in this issue and list one type of notice that is published.

Answers should include one of the following:

Notice to Bidders, Trustee’s Sale, Public Notice, Notice to Creditors