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Congratulations to Lizbeth Suazo Moreno, a 6th-grade student at Washington Middle School, for winning this week’s News Quiz.

Lizbeth wins a $15 gift card to Imo’s Pizza in Washington, our sponsor for this week’s Missourian In Education News Quiz!

Here are the answers to this week’s quiz:

Who does author Rachel Moore credit with giving her the push she needed to write her first novel?

Moore credits her creative writing teacher at St. Francis Borgia Regional High School with encouraging her to enter national writing contests when she was a student – teaching her about perseverance.

What do the Prop S and Prop L April 2 ballot petitions in Washington stand for?

Prop S is for public schools. Prop L is for the Washington Library.

The Missourian is a community newspaper, but publishes a section on International, National and Missouri News. This week there are several stories about flooding. Share one fact you read in these stories.

Answers will vary.

Thanks for participating in the News Quiz!