The Missourian and Warren County Record are joining more than 100 newspapers across the state in the Reading Across Missouri project,

promoting reading and sharing history in a new serialized story for young readers. This is the eighth year for this annual statewide reading campaign.

Our newspapers will publish "Patriotic Pals, Tails of the Civil War," an historical fiction series narrated by Chuck, a border collie from Missouri, a Border State during the war. This nine-chapter series highlights pups with a purpose - dog mascots from the Civil War. Each chapter features a canine that participated in, or witnessed, a fray or major battle, from St. Louis to Pennsylvania, concluding in Illinois with Fido, the beloved mutt Lincoln left behind when he was called to Washington D.C. to serve as president.

With a folksy, light-hearted paw, Chuck leads readers on a journey of Civil War battles from a pup's point of view. Entertaining and educational, "Patriotic Pals" is a heartwarming tale of canine courage and loyalty. The story was written by Chris Stuckenschneider, book editor and columnist for The Missourian.

"Patriotic Pals" begins in the Jan. 12 issue of the Warren County Record and in the Jan. 14-15 issue of The Missourian. For a companion teacher guide to Patriotic Pals, click HERE. Classroom teachers interested in reading the story with their students may participate in our Newspaper In Education program at no cost. Click HERE for details on receiving classroom newspapers to read the story with your students.