Run to Read
Design by Sean McKee

More than 150 people, including 99 runners, turned out in support of youth literacy for the 8th annual Run to Read on Saturday, Oct. 12. The event began and ended at Washington Public Library and included a 5K loop around downtown, a 1-mile story stroll and a Baby Buzz Dash.

Following the fitness, four-time Book Buzz Pick author/illustrator Meghan McCarthy shared her book “The Incredible Life of Balto,” a September Book Buzz Pick, her new book “Daredevil, The Daring Life of Betty Skelton,” and upcoming books on the inventor of earmuffs and the 1904 St. Louis Marathon.

Mark Higgins was the overall adult male runner with a time of 18:59:00, and Jake Fregalette was the youth male winner with 20:44:00. Rachel Leslie was the overall adult female runner with a time of 22:59:00, and Allison Meyer was the youth female winner with 25:53:00. Medals were awarded to first through third place finishers in 11 age divisions, and all youth runners and Baby Buzz Dashers received medals. All participants received a free hardback book of their choosing.

The Four Rivers Area Family YMCA and The Missourian’s Missourian In Education program organize the event to promote reading, introduce a children’s author, and raise a funds to support local youth literacy programs.

Volunteers staffing the routes this year were the New Haven Girls on the Run and the Washington High School Cross Country Team.

Sponsors of the 2013 Run to Read were Missouri State Teacher’s Association (MSTA) Mike Wood and NuStar Energy, along with American Family Insurance agents Casey Zastrow, Robert Vossbrink and Thomas Holdmeier, Bank of Franklin County, Bank of Washington, Don Wildt Sheet Metal and Heating, Imo's Pizza, Sporlan Division of Parker Hannifin and Wells Fargo Advisors.

Below are times for all the runners who participated:

Mark Higgins 18:59:00

Jake Fregalette 20:44:00

Rachel Leslie 22:59:00

Allison Meyer 25:53:00

Jay Chappell 20:48:00

Brad Mitchell 20:55:00

Scott Bonastia 22:17:00

James Straatmann 22:27:00

Tony Willenbrink 22:28:00

Logan Williams 22:29:00

Craig Mueller 22:32:00

Charlie Roth 23:33:00

Robert Meyer 23:36:00

Ryan Kuchem 23:44:00

Jason Lahr 25:05:00

Jeff Peters 25:43:00

Luke Johnson 25:58:00

Darren Johnson 25:59:00

Mark Stettes 26:48:00

Brenna Langenberg 26:58:00

Sandra Langenberg 27:01:00

Neil Wiskur 27:05:00

Courtland Pennock 27:09:00

Melinda Voelkel 27:32:00

Lynn Weber 27:53:00

Jennifer Kazmaier 28:31:00

Madison Langenberg 28:37:00

Nick Corley 28:53:00

Sandra Wissbaum 29:02:00

Dawn Wolf 29:06:00

Nate Reed 29:20:00

Glen Tucker 29:22:00

Brad Kazmaier 29:26:00

Lori Brinkmann 29:34:00

Erin O'Connor 29:43:00

Alex Fregalette 29:45:00

Michelle Bobo 30:18:00

Lulu Mauro 30:19:00

Katie Kluesner 30:23:00

Kristin Morris 30:36:00

Joan Obermark 30:41:00

Julie Grafrath 31:24:00

Kim Willenbrink 31:26:00

Jill Comely 31:35:00

Grace Farris 31:37:00

Callyn Weber 31:37:00

Alexa Weber 31:44:00

Paige Hall 31:47:00

Greg Lara 31:52:00

Larry Kloppe 31:58:00

Carrie Farris 32:01:00

Taylor Feighery 32:05:00

Tegan Schmitt 33:21:00

Joyve Lara 33:39:00

Amy Crow 33:50:00

Addison Wiskur 33:51:00

Molly Eversole 33:52:00

Danielle Corley 33:54:00

Dawn Sheets 34:04:00

Carol Kuhlmann 34:34:00

Jaime Kinerk 35:06:00

Robert Mauro 35:08:00

Rett Corley 35:15:00

Brea Hindersmann 35:21:00

Bradley Hindersmann 35:24:00

Reese Mauro 35:30:00

Ethan Etter 35:43:00

Jacob Williams 35:44:00

Karen Dickhut 35:46:00

Doug Hindersmann 35:58:00

Sophia Ferguson 37:57:00

Breanna Huff 38:50:00

Tracie Omer 38:51:00

Kelly Higgins 39:04:00

Jan Tucker 41:05:00

Elissa Peters 41:19:00

Amy Reed 41:26:00

Tonya Hindersmann 41:42:00

Hannah Eckelkamp 41:43:00

Emily Cain 41:45:00

Lillian Wiskur 42:08:00

Samantha Pyatt 43:58:00

Caroline Kincaid 44:18:00

Mary Kincaid 44:19:00

Donece Brown 44:20:00

Tracie Johnson 45:46:00

Dawnette Wiskur 46:38:00

Payton Burkhardt 46:39:00

Casey Jo Baker 50:22:00

Grace Appell 53:30:00

Bailey Bonagurio 53:38:00

Tim Corley 53:39:00

Reese Milner 53:40:00

William McFerrin 54:58:00

Mikayla McFerrin 54:59:00

Audrey Thompson 55:17:00

Brinna Smith 55:30:00

Dana DiStephano 55:33:00

Raena Carver 1:08:33