Puppy Talk

Parents will bark up the right tree when they share the March Baby Buzz Pick with their little ones.

“Puppy Talk: Opposites,” a board book, will fit perfectly in a tot’s hands and what’s not to love about the subject matter — a bunch of roly-poly pups, one cuter than the next.

“Puppy Talk” is yet another Baby Buzz Book suggested by The Missourian. Each month, a book for children birth to age 5 is featured in the second weekend issue of the newspaper. The book reviews are written by Maria-Brady Smith, former parent educator with the Washington School District, and Chris Stuckenschneider, Missourian book editor.

This month’s review was written by Stuckenschneider.

With a sunny yellow cover displaying a boxer ready to play, “Puppy Talk: Opposites” by J.C. Coates, beckons with bow-wow appeal. Max is the boxer’s name, and he and his 10 canine pals deliver a language lesson that’s easy to collar.

On uncluttered pages, adorable photographs show the pooches far/near; awake/asleep, dry/wet, big/small, long tail/short tail, alone/together, coming/going and with no friends/many friends.

Coates doesn’t overlook using the cover of the book to add to the opposites — Max issuing word bubbles to alert readers as to which is the front and back of the book. Additional word bubbles inside are guaranteed to get a laugh.

The final spread shows all 10 personality-packed pups lined up horizontally offering children the opportunity to name each one and compare their similarities and differences.

Baby Buzz Books are available at Neighborhood Reads in Downtown Washington.