It’s cool to read. And a cool place to go is your public library—hurry over to the stacks and check out some Book Buzz Picks. But bee-fore you do, take a look-see at Madison and Lauren’s reviews. They did my June Picks proud. Until next month, Page On!

‘Three Bears in a Boat,’

by David Soman.

Reviewed by Lauren Dickhut,

Our Lady of Lourdes School.

“Three Bears in a Boat” is about two brothers and a sister who are trying to sneak some honey from the fireplace mantle when they knock over and break their mom’s blue seashell. They are afraid of what she will say so they go out on their boat to find another blue shell to replace it before she can find out.

“They meet lots of other bears in boats while they look, but they can’t find another shell. They start fighting over who was to blame for breaking the shell, but then a big storm comes and they realize they love each other.

“This book has a good lesson for kids about being honest with your parents and not fighting with your siblings. The best part of the book was the pictures, especially the water. The beach pictures reminded me of my vacation to the beach.”

‘The Scraps Book,’

By Lois Elbert.

Reviewed by Madison Raymond,

Immaculate Conception School.

“I thought this book would be about a bird who finds scraps, but I was wrong. I think you will like this book. All I can say is that I love this book because I love art. I like how the author tells it from her point of view.

“I also like the other story she wrote, ‘Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.’ You should read that book too. I recommend ‘The Scraps Book’ to my mom because she makes scrapbooks. I would like to be this author.”

‘Half a Chance,’

By Cynthia Lord.

Reviewed by Newsbee.

Lucy Emery is determined to capture unique pictures for a photography scavenger contest in ‘Half a Chance,’ an engaging book by Cynthia Lord about a girl who moves to a lake house in New Hampshire with her family.

Relocating is lonely and Lucy seeks new friends; she finds a special one named Nate, a boy who makes her summer memorable.

Lucy comes by her skills with a camera naturally — her dad, a famous photographer encourages his daughter to take photos that tell a story. Plenty evolve as Lucy adjusts to her new home, as do perplexing questions. Does Nate like Lucy, or does he prefer cute Megan, who lives in a cottage nearby.

And what’s up with Nate’s grandmother? She’s obsessed with the endangered loons on the lake. That’s a worthy cause Lucy embraces, but sometimes the elderly woman acts vacant.

These questions and more are answered in a simple book that addresses a complex issue. ‘Half a Chance’ is a book that shoots straight for the heart.