In between dips in the pool, running the bases and hanging out with your friends, pack some pleasure reading into your school break. For starters dive into Newsbee’s “Splendid Summer Reads.” You’re sure to get hooked on the story of a lonely bird, the tale of a friendly lake creature and the trials of a girl determined to find her birth parents in a fab historical fiction. Page On. Enjoy!

* * * * * * * * * * *

A gentle fox longs for companionship in “Pandora” a memorable new read by Victoria Turnbull, with a message that’s subtle yet powerful. Turnball’s illustrations elicit empathy for the little fox we meet walking in the “land of lost things,” clutching a Teddy Bear with a tear that needs repair.

It’s Pandora mission to fix all the things, the mountains of this-and-that piling up around the fox’s home, where she lives a comfortable but lonely life. That is until the day a stranger drops from the sky — a blue bird on a crash course.

Pandora rescues the bird, placing it in a cardboard box and warming the bitty songster with her bushy tail. Her good works are rewarded, but first there’s a bit of heartache, when her new friend flits away, leaving behind the box, with a special gift inside.

Joy follows sadness, the illustrations gradually taking on pastel hues in an uplifting book that’s certain to stay with you.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Chalk up another winner for author/illustrator Chris Van Dusen, his feel-good, entertaining “Hattie and Hudson” is a man-against-beast story with a heroine who saves the day.

Hattie McFadden gets much more than she bargained for when she vacations in a cabin by a lake with her parents. Always on the search for adventure, she dons her life jacket and launches her canoe. She paddles as she sings, happy as a lake loon, never imagining her song will attract an immense creature stirring in his lair under the water.

When the “monster” she names Hudson reveals himself, the townspeople are shocked and fear-filled, but Hattie sees beyond his size, focusing instead on his kind eyes. Together they devise a plan to keep Hudson safe from the do-gooders determined to protect the village.

Friendship and acceptance surface in this charmer, Van Dusen’s retro illustrations awakening memories of summer lake days with family and friends.

* * * * * * * * * * *

It’s thrilling to suggest a book by an author who’s blazing a trail for herself. If you enjoyed Lauren Wolk’s debut “Wolf Hollow” you’re certain to be mesmerized by her latest “Beyond the Bright Sea.”

Meet Crow — only “hours old” when Osh, an older gent finds her in a little boat that washes up on the shore of Elizabeth Islands, off the coast of Cape Cod. Osh raises Crow, with the help of his neighbor lady, good-hearted Miss Maggie. Though Crow is content and happy with Osh, as she gets older she wonders about her background, who her birthparents are, and why they gave her up.

At age 12, the answers begin to be revealed when Crow sees a bright light on an island across the Atlantic, the island that once was home to a leper colony. The light leads her to the answers she seeks, but not without putting herself and the ones she loves in danger.

A plucky character with a caring nature, Crow is persistent in this must-read-book that has much to say about sacrifice and courage. “Beyond the Bright Sea” is sure to earn Wolk additional accolades.