"The Book Hog"

Hitting the library in the summertime can be rewarding and even earn young readers a prize book. That’s the case for Matt Riskey who wrote the winning Book Buzz review this month. Matt will be in first grade at Southpoint Elementary School and will receive a free Book Buzz Book for writing his review, compliments of the Washington Optimist Club.

Here’s what Matt has to say about “The Book Hog,” by Greg Pizzoli.

“I liked ‘The Book Hog’s story. The Book Hog loves books, but he can't read them so it makes him sad. One day when he goes to the library and the lady reads to him it makes him very happy. The Book Hog wants to read all books. Then he learns to read too.

“I like learning to read with my mom and dad. I think the Book Hog should read a Lego book next.”

An additional review for “The Book Hog” was submitted by Matthew Dreisewerd, age 5, and can be found on emissourian.com

“This book was about the Book Hog reading all the books. The funniest part was when he was reading on the toilet. He couldn’t read books at the beginning. Then the teacher teached him. Then he read all the books and never stops. I think little kids and big kids want to read this book, and grownups and grandmas, too.”