There’s nothing like a cold, snowy day to curl up with a good book. Students at area schools did just that, reading Newsbee’s Picks and sending reviews to the hive. Congrats to the following students for their stellar reviews. Until next month Newsbee encourages you to keeping “Paging On.”

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“Forever or a Day,” by Sarah Jacoby.

Reviewed by Newsbee.

How we wish we could capture and control time, preserve special moments and speed along unpleasant ones. That’s what “Forever or a Day,” a dreamy book by Sarah Jacoby, is all about. This is a book to ponder, with gentle illustrations depicting people dealing with time as they go about their days.

Time slips through their fingers in the hours they want to last forever, time pushes them to hurry when they’re late, time stretches golden with memories as they gaze pensively into the past, their children having grown without them even realizing it.

As much as we’d like to, “You cannot hold it . . . give it to someone in exchange for a snack. We’ve only got what we’ve got,” Jacoby writes. Let’s make the most of what time we have, is the theme of this thoughtful book.

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“Good Rosie!” by Kate DiCamillo.

Reviewed by Tucker Burrington, William Gallagher and Charles Hill, fourth grade, St. Bridget of Kildare School.

“In the beginning Rosie is sad she has no friends. She looks in the bowl and calls out, ‘Hello?’ No reply. Next, Rosie’s owner, George, takes her out on a walk. They look up at clouds. George sees presidents. Rosie sees animals.

“After that they go to the dog park. Rosie met Maurice. Maurice shook his toy bunny left and right. Then she met Fifi. Fifi jumped up and down. Then Maurice put Fifi in his mouth and spit her out (YUCK!). When Maurice spits out Fifi she spit out three shiny stones too. Then Fifi said, ‘Hey those are my stones!’ George said, ‘Hey! You’re not Fifi. You’re Fif.’

“Rosie went back to the park and then they all chased each other.

“We liked this book because it gives a good picture of friendship. We also liked it because we like dogs. It was a funny, cool and awesome book.”

* * * * * * * * * * * *

“Louisiana’s Way Home,” by Kate DiCamillo.

Reviewed by Megan Donovan, fourth grade, St. Bridget of Kildare School.

“I chose to read ‘Louisiana’s Way Home’ because it sounded really cool! I read this book because my teacher made me read it (and I wanted to). I liked this book because it was really funny.

“Louisiana is a kid and she gets to drive a car! (lucky!) I always laughed when Louisiana imitated her grandma in her non-tooth voice! I also liked this book because I think Bernice is very funny, but she can be mean sometimes like when she is yelling at Louisiana to sing when they are at the church. Louisiana is HILARIOUS! They are all funny! I think you should totally read this book because I was very entertained while I read it.

“I can kind of relate to this book because I have family in other parts of the country. This is a mystery book. I liked it a lot! You should read it too!”

Reviewed by Ryan Garbs, fourth grade, Immaculate Conception School.

“I liked this book because there were a lot of things going on. I would recommend it (for that reason). So what happens is that Louisiana’s granny wakes her up in the middle of the night saying they have to leave. Louisiana really misses her friends, Raymie and Beverly. She’s also leaving all of her pets.

“Soon Louisana and Granny end up in a motel. There she finds a boy named Burke Allen and his crow, Clarence. Burke takes her into his house. She says Burke’s mom’s cakes smell delicious. As they’re about to leave, the manager wants money, but Lousiana doesn’t have money, so she says she would sing at a funeral.

“Then one day after being in Burke’s house, she finds a letter from her Granny that says (her Granny isn’t really her Granny.) Louisiana feels the room shake. Then she stays with the Allens. As a surprise, Raymie comes with a bunch of her favorite pets.

“I liked ‘Louisiana’s Way Home’ because it really gives a lot of feelings I thought it was a great book.”