Fright night is almost here, and the drones are all abuzz about what they will bee. Hope you’ve got your costume ready and that Halloween has more treats up its sleeve than tricks. Here’s an early treat for kiddos in our area — a trio of sweet reviews. Page On! Enjoy!


by Cynthia Rylant

Reviewed by Newsbee

Celebrate the animal kingdom with a book that perfectly pairs words with amazing art by Brendan Wenzel. The story and illustrations highlight dramatic scenes showing animals residing in the desert, jungle, in the trees, and on the sea.

The book begins simply, with a single creature swimming in a body of water, surrounded by hills, stars reflecting on the water’s surface.

Illustrations of other animals are featured, including an ingenious collage of heads and tails, and humps and tusks, enticing you to name the animals by the parts you see pictured.

The book’s hopeful message rings clear, reminding us that nature is in flux, and encouraging us to trust in the world, and its wise and wonderful creatures. Inspiration reigns supreme in “Life.”

“King of the Sky”

By Nicola Davies

Reviewed by Mrs. Busch’s third grade class, Immaculate Conception School.

“In this story, a young boy moves from Rome. He makes friends with an old man who raises pigeons. The boy names one King of the Sky. He enters King in a race, but is afraid he won’t come home again.

“We liked this story because it is a lesson on friendship and teaches you that you should never give up. It also can help kids who have to move to new places. If kids are sad because they have to move, this book could make them feel happy again. We also liked the pictures when the pigeons raced, drawn by Laura Carlin.

“If you like birds, you should read this book.”

“Joplin Wishing”

By Diane Stanley

Reviewed by Kayden Parmentier, fifth grade, Immaculate Conception School.

“This is a magical tale about a girl named Joplin. Her grandfather dies and her mom lets her pick anything she wants from his house. She chooses a delftware platter that’s broken. Joplin goes to a man to get it fixed, a delftware specialist, but she notices something strange about him, so she decides to go to someone else. When it is fixed it is beautiful.

“Joplin gets a besty because her friend’s mom and her wish for a friend for her — she gets one in the form of the girl on the platter.

“This book was incredible. I thought it was mysterious and exciting. The part when the girl pops out of the platter was crazy.”

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