Congrats to Ava Fischer, a third-grader at Clearview Elementary School. Ava wrote the following review on Newsbee’s May Book Buzz Pick, “Alma and How She Got Her Name,” by Juana Martinez-Neal.

For her honor, Ava will receive a Book Buzz Book compliments of the Washington Optimist Club.

Book Buzz Picks can be found in area school libraries and at Washington Public Library and Scenic Regional Library and its branches.

‘Alma and How She Got Her Name’

By Juana Martinez-Neal.

“Alma is a girl who has a long name, Alma Sofia Esperanza Jose Pura Candela. That’s her name. She says, ‘My name is too long. It never fits.’

“Her dad says, ‘Sophia was your grandmother. Esperanza was your great-grandmother. Jose was my father. Pura was your great-aunt. Candela was your other grandmother.’

“’I love the story of my name . . . it fits just right,’ Alma says.

“I recommend this book to everyone who thinks their name doesn’t fit.”

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