A book is an uncomplicated treasure of astounding merit. Unlike some gifts, it doesn’t require batteries or an electrical charge to entertain — just a simple page-turn launches us into literary adventures with a bevy of interesting characters to accompany us. This holiday season, Newsbee hopes you’ll receive the “Gift of a Good Book,” a present you’re sure to cherish for years to come.

‘Forever or a Day’

By Sarah Jacoby

Time…how we wish we could capture and control it, preserve special moments and speed along more unpleasant ones. That’s what “Forever or a Day,” a dreamy book by Sarah Jacoby, is all about. This isn’t an action-filled read, but a book to ponder, with gentle illustrations depicting people dealing with time as they go about their days, from morning to night in all seasons of the year.

Time slips through their fingers in the hours they want to last forever, time pushes them to hurry when they’re late, time stretches golden with memories as they gaze pensively into the past, their children having grown without them even realizing it.

As much as we’d like to, “You cannot hold it….give it to someone in exchange for a snack. We’ve only got what we’ve got,” Jacoby writes. Let’s make the most of what time we have, is the theme of this thoughtful book—one that serves as a reminder to try and stay in the moment.

‘Good Rosie’

By Kate DiCamillo

“Good Rosie,” by Kate DiCamillo is a doggone good book. Meet Rosie, a brown-and-white cutie who belongs to a grownup named George. Both Rosie and George are in a bit of a rut. They eat the same thing every morning for breakfast, and have become creatures of habit. Rosie would like more out of life, and one day on a walk George realizes she needs a friend and takes her to the dog park.

This is far from Rosie’s forte—the last thing she wants to do is frolic with strange dogs she’s never met before. Poor Rosie is beset with a horrid case of nerves that only gets worse when large, lumbering, slobbery Maurice, a St. Bernard wants to play.

Hijinks ensue when Maurice won’t take no for an answer, the scenario growing more hysterical with the addition of Fifi, a fancy pup that Maurice treats like a chew toy. Its Rosie to the rescue in a dog story with charming pictures by Harry Bliss that capture each pooch’s unique looks and personality.

‘Louisiana’s Way Home’

By Kate DiCamillo

There’s great joy in visiting old friends. Kate DiCamillo offers a welcome reunion in “Louisiana’s Way Home.” The poignant book extends Louisiana Elefante’s story, a beloved character from DiCamillo’s “Raymie Nightingale.”

Louisiana relates an account of her young life, starting with a traumatic event. Her Granny, who she lives with, plucks her from her bed in the middle of the night.

Granny, “who has many middle-of-the night ideas,” is on a mission to lay bare facts surrounding her circus-family roots and a curse she believes has been passed down through the generations. Louisiana doesn’t want to abandon her beloved Florida and close friends there, but her wrangling does little to deter Granny’s speeding car, as the two set off on a journey that’s ill fated from the get-go.

When illness besets Granny, Louisiana is forced to assume adult responsibilities as Granny recovers in Georgia, where resourceful and loveable Louisiana makes friends, learns who to trust, comes to understand who she is and sets her sights on her future.

Louisiana, the “lost child” truly finds her way home in this stunning, unforgettable book.