"The Word Collector"

Newsbee happily announces the Book Buzz review winner for this month is Natalie Vogel, a third-grader at Immanuel Lutheran School, Washington. Her review of “The Word Collector,” by Peter H. Reynolds was superlative – and her efforts will earn her one of next month’s Book Buzz Picks, compliments of the Washington Optimist Club.

Here’s what Natalie had to about “The Word Collector.”

“The thing I liked about this book is that Jerome never stopped trying to make words, and I like stories when people don’t stop trying.

“Jerome collected many words and made them into bigger words than he ever imagined. He made the words into songs and poems.

“He made big words and small words, sad words and happy words.

“But one day, Jerome tripped and the ‘words went flying everywhere,’ so he picked the words up and shared them with the world.”

Reviewed by Neve Hopfensperger, Immanuel Lutheran School.

“This book is about a boy who collects words. His name is Jerome. He collects words he hears, sees and reads. He fills scrapbooks with his favorites. He organizes them.

“But when he was carrying his work, they fell. Words he’d never imagined together were. So he put sad words with happy words. He took them to a hill and dumped the. No words described how happy he was.”

Reviewed by Hermione Pruett, Mrs. Straatmann’s second grade, Clearview Elementary School.

“This book is all about a guy named Jerome collecting words. Some people might collect diamonds or posters, but Jerome doesn’t. He collects words – not any kind of words, he collects special words.

“My favorite part is when Jerome tripped and fell and all of the words went flying. If you like books this is the book for you. I hope you have a great day and I hope you get the chance to read my book review.”

Reviewed by Jaimie Davenport, Mrs. Straatmann’s second grade, Clearview Elementary School.

“The book, ‘The Word Collector’ is a very good book. Jerome collected words. This book is funny and weird too! Jerome collected words like Peru, wonder, willow, thresher, bellow. All of those words. But the one day he slipped and his words went flying. That must have been a long day for him. His rear must have hurt after that.

“His words were jumbled up. That must have been a really bad day. He started to say words like I understand, I’m sorry, thank you, you matter.

“I hope you like my book review. Thank you.”

Reviewed by Kale Terrell, Mrs. Straatmann’s second grade, Clearview Elementary School.

“You should read ‘The Word Collector,’ so you can learn words. Jerome collected words that he heard, read and saw. My favorite part is when he collects so much he slips and falls.

“I give a recommendation of five stars to this book. I like it and you should read it too.”