Double knot your tennies, sharpen your pencils, and load up your spanking-new backpacks. As surely as fall nips summer’s heels, the school year rolls around. To get young readers pumped for the three R’s, meeting new friends and sharing summer highlights with them, Newsbee’s got “Ready, Set, School” Picks to suggest. Make this year great by “Paging On!”

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He’s flitting about again with feathers full of chuckles — our favorite bird-on-the-wing; the blue-eyed pigeon with an attitude and all the answers struts his stuff in “The Pigeon HAS to Go to School!” by Mo Willems.

When Pigeon learns it’s time for school he has every excuse in the book. He already knows everything, “well…almost everything,” and he’s not a morning bird, “It is NOT pretty.” All Pigeon wants is to do is revert to yesteryear and be “ . . . a little chick again. A little-itty-bitty-not-going-to-school-baby-waybie pigeon!”

In Willems’ trademark cartoons, Pigeon laments his fate — his attitude is actually fear-based, “What if the teacher doesn’t like pigeons?” he asks, followed by the stress of learning so much new “stuff.” It’s fun to return to Pigeon’s world, the answer to his present fix quelled with signature Willems’ genius — Pigeon’s savior, four-wheeled and yellow, bringing his past to present with a memorable finish.

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When we picture a school, we envision a redbrick structure with a flag out front, and a bell on the roof, a building steeped in tradition. Jack, the boy in “If I Built a School,” by Chris Van Dusen, blows the mundane out the window as he shares his grandiose ideas of a perfect school with Miss Jane, offering her a tour of a futuristic building that’s fantastical from playground to lunchroom and bee-yond.

The school will have a zoo, with plenty of animals, big and small. To get to class, kids will take pods; there won’t be a need for blackboards or white boards because you’ll be able to write in air, letters “magically glowing.”

In rollicking rhyme, Jack elaborates, his creative concepts soaring in a book with a vintage look, illustrations a detailed dream that will leave young readers all agog. “If I Built a School,” could serve as a springboard for discussions about what kids would like to see in their ideal school world. Imaginations are sure to run wild.

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With brilliant bunny facts launching each chapter, this story about a likeable main character named Emma going from homeschool to public education will grab you from the get-go. “Because of the Rabbit” is by Cynthia Lord, a seasoned writer who’s fostered over 25 rescue bunnies.

To say Emma’s nervous about starting fifth grade at Lakeview Elementary School is an understatement. She’s always been homeschooled with her brother Owen, four years older, but he put the kibosh on their time together by enrolling in high school and getting involved with theater and baseball.

Now it’s Emma’s turn to go public, and she’s worried about making friends, and leaving Lapi, her brown bunny at home. Emma helped her Maine game warden dad rescue the rabbit, a pet she’s fallen in love with.

School projects, a special needs classmate and a circle of girls Emma wants to be part of, await her, and Emma learns more lessons than just those found in books about relationships and life in this wise, wonderful read.